What hope for the West, when the free world is led by a man who appears to be senile?

The mainstream news media carefully avoid mentioning the obvious difficulty which Joe Biden is having in keeping track of things.

The reason why nobody has the faintest idea how many people live in Britain’s cities

Shanty-towns established in back gardens and houses of multiple occupation mean that it is literally impossible to count the number of people living in London or other big cities.

Slavery in modern Africa: why nobody is interested in even thinking, let alone talking, about it

We are so obsessed with the slavery which existed centuries ago and about which we can do nothing at all, that we sometimes forget that chattel slavery exists right now in Africa

Dame Andrea Jenkyns, the Conservative MP, said: "The Home Office should not be beholden to internal Islamic lobby groups attempting to influence policy.”

“It is highly concerning that this group, with a history of publishing biassed pro-Hijab materials, is allowed to exist in its current form.

A Home Office whistleblower told GB News: “Having an Islamic lobby group inside the Home Office represents a serious threat to the government’s aims in combating Islamic extremism and granting asylum to those fleeing Islamic countries over religious persecution.”

Leaked docs show Home Office Islamic Network say they aim to recruit Muslim staff and "influence policymakers" to support "Muslim needs".

The Islamic Network has recruited 700 Home Office staff so far. Only muslims can become "full members".

Multiculturalism and a diverse society; the dream and the reality in Britain and Ireland

Over the years, our politicians have persuaded us that mass immigration and enforced diversity will make our societies better and stronger. Many people are dubious about this proposition.

Your television and newspapers are not telling you what is really happening in the Middle East

The mainstream media is deliberately concealing a lot of what happens in Israel and the neighbouring countries

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