John Lewis boss Dame Sharon White is to step down after five years, making her the shortest-serving chair in the partnership's near 100-year history.

Dame Sharon's five-year term ends in February 2025. She has told the board she will not seek a second term.

The partnership reported a loss of £234m last year, forcing it to scrap the annual staff bonus.

Why do they stay here if they are so ashamed of the UK?
There is a massive continent populated by other people just like them.

Spoiler, talk to Africans and they hate them!

Black leaders are being installed in many British organisations; not least, the government itself

The Royal College of Psychiatrists, the Royal Institute of Architects and the Law Society all have black presidents now. This is a trend which is accelerating. Meanwhile, all the contenders for leadership of the Conservative Party are also black or Asian.

"The Scottish Government is pledging to make up to £728 million available in the next seven years to help Scots tackle fuel poverty by installing greener heating systems."

That run on increasingly expensive electricity generated by burning gas and wood...
The SNP have made cuts to policing, education is circling the drain, drug deaths are astonishing.

A campaign group comprising ethnic minority lawyers that claim to oppose racism has been criticized for awarding a fictional Negro Of The Year Award to conservative broadcaster Rev. Calvin Robinson who they regarded as a “black man who went over and above the call of duty in service to white supremacy.”

Calvin Robinson, a deacon at the Free Church of England, has often been criticized by members of the Black community who accuse him of working against the campaign for social justice due to his political beliefs.

'Water is Not a Human Right': WEF Orders Govt's To Begin Rationing Water Into Homes

"Adam Smith, manager of smart networks and metering transformation at Yorkshire Water, said: “We are thrilled to start the journey of Advanced Customer metering – a really strategic way to reduce leakage, improve our services, and help customers save money on their bills”"

Netmore are in a 5-year roll out of radio receivers which forward data from water meters over 4g to water companies.

Netmore is writing to radio amateurs offering £350 a year to have 868 MHz 1m long antenna, radio receiver to 4g data stations installed.

things that make you say hummm

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