If you’re unable to read in English, you probably shouldn’t vote in the UK.

Hijab ban: Tajikistan parliament approves bill prohibiting ‘alien garments’ and Eid celebrations by children

the Education Ministry banned both Islamic clothing and Western-style miniskirts for students and later extended this ban to all public institutions.

the hijab, or Islamic head scarf, and other traditional items of Islamic clothing, which started coming to the Central Asian nation in recent years from the Middle East and have been associated with Islamic extremists by officials. The bill sparked controversy among the mostly Muslim population

The country also restricts islamic baby names, demands DNA tests to prevent cousin marriages, and closely monitors mosques in case of extremists.

As we all shiver in the autumnal weather during what is meant to be summer and some of us have even turned our central heating back on or continued using our winter duvets, there is one certainty – in a few weeks time, the good folk at Met Office and the BBC will tell us that we’ve just had the “warmest June on record”. After all, the Met Office and the BBC made the same claim about appalling April and miserable May.

even though there has been no increase in extreme weather and the number of deaths from extreme weather has fallen by over 90% over the last hundred years while the world’s population has tripled?

As Chris Morrison has pointed out, England’s hottest ever days were recorded next to an RAF airbase where typhoon jets were taking off and landing and in a very sheltered botanical garden in Cambridge which was being turned into a furnace by the heat from air-conditioning from surrounding office buildings and laboratories.


"UK Hindus have released a manifesto of their demands

their expectations from politicians of all parties who seek to win their vote. They are asking candidates to publicly endorse it on social media.

There are over a million Hindus in UK.
The manifesto calls for anti-Hindu hate, which is on the rise in UK, to be recognized as a religious hate crime and for those engaged in violence against Hindus and attacking the sovereignty of India to be monitored and proscribed."

"attacking the sovereignty of India" while making demands in the uk!

As of Tuesday, four Conservative candidates have bent the knee.

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