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When the authority bans this book about Yayoi Kusama for the reason of erotica, you know this surely shitty country is not a place for people who love books, knowledge, and art to live.

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A massive challenge to my study is approaching: Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak DLC is out!

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After telling my mum about my immigration plan, she said I can save so much time if I agreed to study abroad ten years ago. But without what I have experienced this decade, I won't meet my girlfriend and pets, read so many marvelous books, or realize the truth about China. Knowing where your destination is doesn't mean you can only have a linear life.



With sleepy eyes, I could not finish half of my tasks. One thing about the schedule is that all the others must postpone when you don't nail the first mission on time.


Didn't finish a single task at work these days, and I am still waiting for my boss to fire me.


挤了4小时,听说读写都来了个遍。学吐了快。 :11134:

After rescheduling my evening routine, I finally got 4 hours to study! But it's fucking exhausting.



After a week of studying, I'm forming my study habits. Getting 3 hours of English lessons and practices every day is pretty hard for me. Keep it up!

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