@byebyemiracle 從衛報報導看來是確定了:

[ Two friends of Xu, speaking on the condition of anonymity to avoid reprisals, told the Guardian that he had been detained on Monday morning. According to one, around 20 police officers and 10 vehicles arrived at his home in Beijing and took Xu away.

According to a statement online, also by a friend of Xu’s, a dozen officers entered his residence, seizing his computer and other items before detaining him. ]

@ditta @byebyemiracle 端傳媒重刊的這篇,覺得是非常溫和的牢騷,堪堪摸得進言的邊而已。這樣都要被栽贓嫁禍,還真是⋯。

@perfume63 @byebyemiracle 这就跟方方写的日记一样,无非是一些小骂大帮忙的内容,也一样被红小兵们围攻。烂透了。

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