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Ask yourself every morning when you wake up: What did you do for Palestine yesterday? And what do you plan to do for a free Palestine today?

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🌈Glad Day Bookshop 历史悠久的酷儿书店,经常会举办drag活动,氛围好
🌱Type Books 我经常会去逛Queen St上的,Dundas上的也很不错。他们家IG账号做的很好,推荐关注
🌱Another Story Bookshop 我真的超级爱他们家的所有
🌱Flying Books 去的不多,他们家经常会和book talk合作卖书
🌱A Different Booklist 主要是black studies相关的,他们会举办很多book launch活动,之前和店员聊的很开心,非常喜欢他们家的vibe
🌱Queen Books 网红书店应该不用我推荐了
🌱Swipe Design books 主要是卖设计和艺术相关的书和物品,好看但就是贵
🌱Book City 书种类多也齐全,要买的新书估计都能找到,两家店都差不多

🌱Seekers Books 风评很好的二手书店
🌱BMV Books 二手书店玩具店唱片店,大部分时候买的很划算
🌱Bellwoods Books 最近才开的新店,只卖女性相关的古董书,价格也比较affordable,网店就可以直接下单
🌱Re: Reading Used Books 可以去看看
🌱ABC Books 我在他们家摆在门口的2刀/本的书架上买走了好多本书



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读过《Crip Kinship》 :star_solid: :star_solid: :star_solid: :star_solid: :star_half:
很喜欢其中的DJ genealogy(特别是sins invalid的故事)以及citation practice。对三藩湾区的DJ activism的历史有了更全面的了解。还有storytelling as cultural activism,和我即将要做的project很有关联,理论上我大概已经了解得差不多了,希望能在实践上运用到

看过《周处除三害》 :star_solid: :star_solid: :star_solid: :star_empty: :star_empty:
挺逗和无厘头的一个故事,所以说女人只需要靠一个谎言就可以杀死三个头号罪犯啊(笑)不过看东亚的电影还是很hmmm…lets 废除死刑

sorry to killjoy but I have to say this... 北美的国家公园自然保护区明面上打着保护自然的旗号,实际上就是殖民国家夺取和控制原住民土地的一种方式,把原住民的赶出他们的家园,再随便给他们划个区域当作“reserve”就当是万事大吉了。在某些地方搞搞自然保护的情怀,在其他地方(特别是全球南方)进行恶性开采、大规模破坏环境,就少给自己贴金说是自然保护了。。land back意味着原住民自主决定土地的用途,殖民国家的国家公园系统也是殖民手段。。



How does an Asian migrant sex worker encounter the law? How does the law approach an Asian migrant sex worker? In this seminar, FACL collaborates with Butterfly: Asian and Migrant Sex Worker Support Network to bring these challenging questions to the forefront. We will discuss the implications of the law on the lives of Asian migrant sex workers and the unique barriers that they face.

想读《Pleasure Activism》
adrienne!!!! 居然在panel上听到有人推荐。今天adrienne浓度太高!!!

转发:Trans, Disabled, and Sapphic Knowledges Conference 

Registration for the Trans, Disabled, and Sapphic Knowledges Conference is now open!

Our conference is committed to redefining “knowledge” in the academy and uplifting the work made by and for trans, disabled, and sapphic communities throughout Ontario. Join us in-person or online as we uplift the voices of marginalized communities in a welcoming and inclusive environment.

Our keynote speaker for the 2024 conference is the renowned poet and activist Eli Clare! His keynote address will explore the ways systems of categorization are used to reinforce systems of oppression and how queer/trans/disabled people resist this social control and find joy.

Register today to be a part of the conference dedicated to uplifting Trans, Disabled, and Sapphic knowledges within undergraduate programs throughout Ontario!

Registration closes on March 1st, at 11:59 PM EST.

More information can be found on our Instagram page. We look forward to seeing you there!

Andi, Gabi, and Noga

Link to registration:
Instagram: TDSK_Conference
Email: [email protected]

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