Something about basketball.
Relaxing aside to watch a basketball game, the new big tall guy turns out to be a really dull one. But he did attribute the final score especially in a very funny silly way though lol

刚刚看到一句英文觉得很适合前两天刷过的嘟 —— 小时候被家暴的人长大后有很大概率会变成施暴者。这句英文是
Hurt people hurt people.

Since we’re both in the ethically-compromised dads club…

因为调休,这个周末被阉割了 :blobcatdevil:

The result for the sabbatical is to castrate the weekend :blobcatdevil:

如果因为人口老龄化各国打不起仗,那我觉得老龄化还挺好的 :ageblobcat:

If the aging of population make every country can’t afford the war, then, it’s definitely a good thing.


Recently, I really need boost enough courage to get myself online. Too much bad news to do anything help 😩

解封后的第一周过得特别快 :blobcathyper:

Time goes pretty fast than usual —— how I feel about the first week after the lockdown.

看到墙外的朋友坐等《妈的全息宇宙》上映,真是太羡慕了,墙内只有实时《妈的全部静止》直播 :blobcatdevil:

So envy about those people who out of the Great Fucking Wall can waiting for film —— 《Everything everywhere all at once》,meanwhile, us inside the wall can only see the reality show ——《Everything everywhere all keep frozen》

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